Surge Protection

2MB Isolater

2MB Isolator

This product eliminates ground loops by galvanically isolating the input from the output. A high degree of isolation prevents surges on incoming lines finding an earth point inside equipment,” thus preventing equipment damage.

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KP1 Single CCT Protector

An effective single primary and secondary protection module with Krone LSA Plus* disconnect blocks.

Superior to traditional GDT’s, these plug-in modules provide effective coarse and fine protection for sensitive electronic telephone systems.

KP1 Single cct protector

*Krone LSA Plus is a registered trademark of Krone GMBH Germany.

  • Economical single pair protection
  • Fully graded two stage protection
  • High surge current capability
  • Low residual voltage

***Please note that these KP1 protection devices require an earthing strip***


KP10 Krone ProtectorKP10 Krone Protector

A full range of protection modules to interface with Krone LSA Plus* disconnect modules, for analogue, digital, ISDN,” ADSL and other high speed communication lines. Installation is easy and grounding is done via connection to the existing backframe.

*Krone LSA Plus is a registered trademark of Krone GMBH Germany.

  • High surge current capability
  • Failsafe operation
  • Compact design
  • Interface with LSA Plus* modules
  • Text interface capability
  • Large identification holder
  • Easy installation